Dr. Hammad Saleem

Reconstructive and Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Hammad Aesthetics is an aesthetic clinic that offers hair, facial, breast, body, and skin enhancements. They offer convenience, comfort, and safety by making people comfortable in their skin.

While Dr. Hammad Aesthetics has a  good reputation but needed help bringing in branding. After some conversations, a partnership was formed and Social Prizm used its digital marketing skills in bringing new clients.

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The Problem

Our Action Plan

Where we started and how we succeeded

We had to implement our best-in-class digital marketing tactics to make Dr. Hammad Aesthetics survive and grow in this competitive market where other clinics were leading.

Through our branding strategy, we increased its conversion rate. Created Dr.Hammad’s business management account and handled it with extra effort. Our team provided him with call center services as well.

Invested in paid campaigns and created ad copy that corresponded with their services.

Work We Did

Branding > SMM > PPC


With intensive competition, it was vital to create a strong impression in the market and to resound with the brand. We brainstormed a new exuberant design.


PPC marketing was essential to improve brand awareness. PPC generated amazing results.

Social Media Posts

Started Facebook and Instagram Advertising and designed posts for them which emerged to be a real success while increasing brand identity – more than our expectations. We made the impossible possible with our strategies.

Animated Videos

We started some amazing Facebook campaigns to mark a strong position in the market and create a brand identity. We engaged the audience with animated videos. Our strategy worked out just perfectly in creating a loud noise for the brand and helped the clinic achieve incredible social impressions and reach.

The Result

In the end, We were able to attract new customers by improving its social presence, making it as beautiful as their clients.

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